Anger & Violence

Cure for Anger & Violence

Anger and violence are at epidemic proportions. Over 50% of Americans are taking drugs to try to manage anger and depression (embedded anger). Anger arises when we want something, but can't seem to have it. Or we want to avoid something that we can't seem to avoid. We want to make the world conform to our desires, and when our desires are blocked, we become angry and sometimes violent.

Anger is always out of proportion to actual events. Even a small trigger can unleash a huge reaction. The reason is because we have so much pent-up anger stored in our system. This is due to social conditioning. Here's how it happens...

Conservative elements of society, like religions, moralists, etc. tell us that anger is bad. We should be loving. The result is that when anger arises, we suppress it and push the anger deeper into our system. This causes the exact opposite result that was wanted or intended. We've all heard stories about the mild mannered neighbor, the quiet one, who suddenly gets a machine gun and goes on a killing rampage. When suppressed anger can no longer be maintained, it explodes uncontrollably. Suppression leads to expression.

Liberal elements promote indulgence – fanning the flames of desire. When desires can't be fulfilled, again anger arises. We want what we want when we want it. The inability to fulfill ever growing, often unrealistic desires, also causes anger when desires can't be fulfilled.

Two Meditative Solutions to Anger & Violence

1) The first solution is to release the pent-up anger embedded in our system. There are active-type meditations designed to throw off anger in a safe way, so that the backlog of pent-up anger is reduced. Then anger won't explode so much.

2) The second solution is to meditate to create an inner state of peace and fulfillment inside. It creates a kind of fulfillment that doesn't depend upon outer circumstances. It doesn't matter so much about getting everything you want or avoiding things you don't want. You exist in a state of fulfillment that doesn't depend upon anything.

A Dietary Solution to Anger & Violence

You may have noticed that some societies are more aggressive, violent, intense, and demanding. It's related to the cultural diet. Interestingly, some foods cause us to be more prone to violence and anger. Two primary culprits may surprise you: Onions & Garlic. Although these two foods have medicinal value, they also have steroidal properties. They keep your system inflamed. Hot spicy foods like chilies add to the problem. Notice how the Latin American and Italian cultures have so much intensity. There is a lot of family violence in these cultures. Hot spicy foods are called "Pitta" foods in Ayurveda (the healing system of India). Too many onions, garlic, and hot chili peppers, inflame us both physically and psychologically.

If you, or someone you know, is prone to anger and violence, try eliminating all hot spicy foods. Within a few days to a week, you should notice a dramatic calming effect.

In reality, Lust, Greed, Fear, and Violence (distortions of the lower three chakras) cannot be controlled by will power or any mental processes. The only thing that really works is to clean up the body biochemically, physiologically. It's the easiest, fastest, most powerful, and most comprehensive solution. Dietary change is one component.