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Amazing Anti-Inflammatory Formula from Kitchen Spices


Inflammation usually manifests as pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function. Inflammation is the precursor to most degenerative diseases. In fact, every condition that ends with the suffix "itis" is a condition of inflammation. Inflammation can appear in any part of the body — every organ, every tissue, and all the various systems of the body: the nervous system, circulatory system, lymph system, etc.

Ultimate Green Smoothie Recipe

Why Green Smoothies?

If you haven't heard of green smoothies before, now is the time to get acquainted. They are an amazing elixir for health. This is because fresh raw foods contain living enzymes. These enzymes, plus the life energy in living foods, create tremendous rejuvenation. This is especially true for green foods, which are full of magnesium-rich chlorophyll. Most of us don't eat enough greens. As a result, we're often deficient in magnesium, which leads to all kinds of complications. So what's the best way to get your greens? Green smoothies!

Meditation to End Violence and Create Peace


Saving Our Communities

  Police 1950's and 2016

Every Caring Person Wants to Help

When we watch the news, we all wonder where we are headed. We see increasing problems, violence, crime, pain, and suffering. TV programs are rarely positive, mostly dominated by the darker aspects of humanity. Is there a way out of this decline in human values? We believe there is. 

Presentations & Workshops

I'm giving a series of presentations in the Triad area of North Carolina. The first of the presentations is entitled "Get Your Health Back!" At these presentations you'll learn what is causing our disastrous quality of health care (U.S. ranks 51st) and what you can do to protect your health. If you have current health problems or concerns, this would be a powerful eye-opening experience. For one thing, I'll be doing demonstrations that are a bit mind blowing. See the calendar for schedules.

Challenges of Creating an eBook Version with Pages

I wrote the book, Extraordinary Healthcare, using a word processor, thinking that the way to write books is with a word processor. In my case, since I use a Macintosh, I used Apple's Pages word processor. One of the reasons I chose Pages was because it could not only output the PDF file for the print version, but it can also output EPUB files. I could have one file, and only need to maintain one file, to serve two purposes, the print book and an e-book. Little did I know what trouble I was getting into, or that there was a better way to write altogether.

My New Book Goes in for Publication Today!

Today is a Special Day!Book Front Cover
My new book goes in for publication.
I've been writing it for over two years, so it's wonderful to finally get it finished.

Here's an introduction to the book from the back cover.

The Four Noble Principles

This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book... 

Healing happens on many levels. One of the levels is the mental level. When you don't use your mind properly, you create chaos within yourself which makes healing much more difficult, because mental chaos creates physiological chaos. The way your mind functions is directly related to your self image, which includes the ideals about yourself, the beliefs about yourself, and the way you treat others. The four noble principles address your mental set up and how it influences your self image and your interactions with others.

Stopping Domestic Violence

I was talking recently with the Assistant District Attorney for a nearby county. She said, "In this one county we have a case load of about 150 criminally charged cases per week for domestic violence. These are the ones that actually make it to court. The actual number is 40 times that amount." (About 6000 cases per week -- 24,000 per month!) And this is for just one fairly average county.

I was shocked.


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