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I live in Stokes County, NC. I want it to be the best place on Earth to live. But right now we have the highest suicide rate in North Carolina. We have a weak economy. We have a crime problem. We have a drug problem. There are people who don’t have healthy food to eat. Some go hungry. We have high unemployment – like most counties today. In short, my county is like most others in America. How can we turn this around? How can we help change the bleak statistics where we live? I have an idea.Dome Cottage

It begins with vision. A few months ago I presented a proposal to our county commissioners to make Stokes County the Happiest, Healthiest, “Greenest” county in the nation. I believe we are meant to be happy. Our forefathers enshrined the pursuit of happiness as a basic goal of this nation, but how do we achieve it? I believe we start with a vision of what we want, just like our nation’s founders did.

A vision can be expressed in either images or words. Just a few words can conjure up an image of something wonderful. It only takes a few words to express an idea. A collection of ideas form a language or set of patterns to express a vision. For instance, we could have ideas (patterns expressed in words) about the environment we want to live in.

For example, “Flowers Everywhere” expresses an idea, which could be part of a larger vision. As soon as you hear the words, “Flowers Everywhere,” images come to mind that conjure up a beautiful world. In the same way, we can create a collection of word patterns in all areas of society. I started this project with the word pattern, “Happy, Healthy, and Green.”

This is a work in progress and I invite everyone to take part. What do YOU want as the highest vision for where you live? If we define it, then we know where we want to go. We spend too much time opposing things we don't like and don’t want. I don't think that helps. It doesn't take us anywhere; it doesn't give us the direction of where to go. I want to use a positive language, and avoid using language that describe things we don't want.

I'm starting off this project with a few ideas of my own. Some of the patterns may not be obvious and I plan on describing them more fully in a forthcoming free e-book. As suggestions come in, I'll collect, organize, condense, and add them to the list below.

Share your ideas for both new categories and patterns that you want in your life and community.
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Some examples of Categories and Patterns:

Pure Genetic Seeds • Unpatented Heirloom Seeds • Universal Seed Saving • Free Seed Distribution • Open Source Seed Bank • Probiotic Organic Agriculture • Regenerative Agriculture • Zero External Costs • Abundant Food in Every Neighborhood • Abundant Food in Winter • Abundant Community Gardens • Abundant Solar Greenhouses

Pure Air • Pure Water • Pure Soil • Flowers Everywhere

Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally Healthy • Abundant Organic Food • Natural Birth, Perfect Babies • Everyone Trim and Healthy • Abundant Healthy Activities

Social Patterns
Golden Rule Behavior • Everybody Happy • Social Justice • Social Opportunities • Happy, Safe Places To Gather • Entertainment with Redeeming Value

Every Child A Genius • Every Student Makes an A • Study What You Love • Personalized Learning Track • Go As Fast or As Slow as You Want • Learn with Peers Who Love What You Love • Healthy Diet to Support Learning

Sustainable Development • Economic Abundance for Everyone • Everything Paid For • 20 Hour Work Week • Creativity - Innovation Centers • Abundant Work Activities That You Love

Constitutional Government • Fair Representation

Green Technologies • 21st Century Knowledge • Science-Based Decisions • Right Use of Technology • Park-Like Cities & Towns • Outdoor Plazas • Indoor Solar Terraces • Interwoven Towns & Parks • Shady Sidewalks • Walk or Bicycle Anywhere Safely • Beautiful Business & Retail Plazas

Sustainable Housing • Everyone Owns A Home • Home Provides Food • Home Provides Water • Home Provides Energy • Home Recycles Wastes

Recycle Everything • Soil Restoration

Sustainable Energy Production

Respect for Spiritual Diversity • The Divine Is Everywhere • Truth As the Highest Religion • Want to discuss and explore this idea? Contribute your ideas on this Yahoo Group.

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