Cure for Depression

Cure for Depression

In this short discussion we'll present two solutions. One physiological and the other mental.

1) Many people have heard of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that arises from a lack of exposure to sunlight due to wintery conditions. It can cause depression without any other psychological reasons. Companies sell expensive full spectrum lights to overcome this depression. But there's a better way. Here's the science...

The skin has receptor cells, similar to brain cells, that respond to different frequencies of light. Blood chemistry also responds to light. You may have heard of the treatment of jaundice in newborn babies using blue light (wavelength of 420-448 nm). As many as 50% of newborns have this condition during the first week of life. Blue light therapy is extraordinarily effective in reversing jaundice — a life saving medical miracle.

What's even more remarkable is that the medical profession never researched the effects of other colors of light on the human body. You would think they would be a little bit curious (but of course there's no money in it - too simple and cheap. Who's going to pay for THAT research?). 

Fortunately, in the early 20th century a clairvoyant healer, Dinshah P. Ghadiali, researched the effects of 12 colors of light and documented their healing powers. "Let There Be Light", a book by his son, Darius Dinshah, summarizes the healing system and is available at

In summary, for depression, the solution is simple. Yellow light. The easiest way is to simply put a yellow "bug-light" bulb in an arm lamp and shine it on as much of your skin as possible in an otherwise dark room. Shine for at least 15 minutes (up to an hour) per day. It will only take a few days to have an effect.

2) The second approach to depression, especially for the massive levels of depression experienced in the western world, is to change thought patterns. Depression is actually nothing but a highly reinforced negative mental habit. The nature of the mind is goal seeking / problem solving. If you don't have goals, the mind will create problems to solve. Usually negative. Negative thinking reinforces ego which likes to control the mind. This means that you have to take control of your mind from a deeper level than mind or ego. And THAT means meditation.

The only permanent solution to changing mental patterns is meditation, connecting to consciousness itself, and from there, the reprogramming or "unprogramming" of the mind happens effortlessly and automatically. There are thousands of meditation techniques and one of the things I do in my work is to teach techniques that profoundly reverse depression and other mental disturbances like addictions. I call this Yogic Psychology, because the techniques come from the ancient yoga tradition.

You can use yellow light as a temporary fix for depression, but the real healing comes from learning to work with consciousness and awareness... especially awareness of your mental patterns as seen from the perspective of consciousness itself.