Healing Diabetes with Nutrition

In 1950, Albert Schweitzer, MD, the famous Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was one of the first people to be cured (at age 75) of advanced Type 2 diabetes through nutrition, primarily fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Dr. Max Gerson M.D. cured thousands of people this way. His attempt to bring this knowledge to the public failed. He died a mysterious death.

Dr. Albert Schwitzer, M.D. - Nobel Prize winner

In fact, thousands of people have been healed by such a regenerative diet. In our workshops, we explain exactly how it has been done. It's not difficult, it just requires sticking to a very simple regimen. Primarily green smoothies, fresh vegetable juices, and raw soups. Diabetes has been cured with this method in 30 days or less.

Ever since the cure of Dr. Albert Schwitzer, the nutritional cure for diabetes has been known (since the 1950's), though it is completely ignored by conventional medical practice today. According to conventional medical lore, diabetes, both type 1 and 2, are still believed to have no cure. Recently, it has been discovered that Type 1 diabetes has also been cured through nutrition and a few specialty supplements.

There are yogic methods which have cured diabetes even faster, in as little as two days. It is a travesty that this information on curing diabetes has been withheld from diabetics.