Creating Heaven on Earth

For years I've made presentations to the Stokes County Commissioners, with the concept of making our county the happiest, healthiest, greenest county in the nation. Those presentations are available at https://RebuildHealth.com/presentations. But there's no reason why we can't take the idea further. The knowledge is available to prevent disease, prevent crime, eliminate addiction, and dramatically improve the quality of life starting right here, and right now. Many solutions are in my presentations. Perhaps, it's time to take the next step — to create heaven on earth. It sounds so farfetched! Yet, we have the knowledge and the technologies to make it happen in this day and age.

Every civilization has an ideal of a better life. In the western world, we have the Christian prayer, "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven..." Clearly, the idea is that we could be creating heaven on earth. In eastern traditions, the concept of a heavenly paradise also exists. Heaven, is considered to be a pristine and beautiful place where people and animals do not suffer, but live in love and joy. We could certainly move in that direction. Every culture aspires for happy, healthy communities where people do not suffer, but live in peace. We can create beautiful surroundings. We have access to beautiful and productive fruit and nut trees and other plants from all over the world. We know how to create fertile soil. We can create beautiful gardens. We have new technologies to create beautiful low-cost housing that is comfortable year 'round. It's just a matter of commitment, design, and inspiration.

Imagine life on an entirely new level. It isn't so hard to do. It's really just a matter of education. People need to know HOW it can be done. In many ways, we have given up on ourselves and our society. We see so much strife, depression, and impossibilities. We see the whole country, in fact, the whole world, going in wrong directions. It seems like we're bottoming out! But it's always darkest just before the dawn. Now, is the time to reverse this trend. The best is yet to come.

The problem is, we've never been educated about our human possibilities, about our potential to soar higher than any civilizations in recorded history. As humans, we have extraordinary capabilities that we have not yet discovered. We hardly even know who we are. In this blog post, I'm going to start with Insights on how we can create heaven on earth. I'll start with Insight ONE and add to this post periodically. Come back from time to time and take a look at new insights.

Insight ONE
1) You are a human. You are not a shark. Sometimes people ask, "Should I eat fish?" Can you see yourself jumping into the ocean and stuffing your mouth with fish, like a shark? What human would do that? Every creature has a natural diet suited to their biology. We have a human biology; we are not sharks. Our diet should be for humans, not the diet of a shark. Catching, killing, and processing fish is a smelly business. We don't need hard smelly work, do we?

2) You are a human. You are not a fox or a wolf. Can you see yourself, late a night, sneaking up on a hen house? Can you see yourself biting and crushing the neck of a chicken, killing it instantly, and carting it off to rip it apart with your teeth and disemboweling it. Lapping up the blood and chewing up the bones? What human would do that? Chickens and rabbits are the diet of canines. Our diet should be for humans, not the diet of a fox or a wolf.

3) You are a human. You are not a tiger or a lion. Can you see yourself pouncing on the back of a sheep, goat, or cow? Can you see yourself ripping through the throat with your claws and teeth? Can you imagine yourself ripping open the underbelly and devouring the intestines, organs, and muscles? Lapping up the blood, chewing up the bones? No human could do that. You are a human, not a tiger or a lion. Our diet should be for humans, not the diet of a tiger or a lion.

Humans are not designed to live on blood, we are not designed to eat or drink blood. How can you eat animals without consuming blood? It isn't possible.

The Natural Human Diet
The book of Genesis gives us the natural human diet. All traditions East and West originally gave the same information. The natural diet for human biology is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. Some cultures can handle milk products, 75% of the human population is lactose intolerant. There are so many herbs and spices that can make our food delicious. These foods and spices make up the natural human diet that is healthy and enjoyable. We like to nibble on grapes and enjoy all these natural foods. Remember, there was no slaughterhouse in the Garden of Eden. Let's make more gardens.

Insight TWO
Every civilization, culture, and tradition began with certain rules. In the western world, we have the 10 commandments. In the East we have the Yamas and Niyamas. More on that later. As far as community well being and social order is concerned, a few commandments stand out. Let's look at "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Interestingly, it doesn't say don't kill people. After all, the original is just two words that translate, "Don't kill." Of course, that includes people, but there is more. A deeper understanding makes it more comprehensive. The idea is "as you sow, so shall you reap," whatever you destroy, destroys you in some way. If we destroy sentient life, we reap that result. If we enhance life, we reap that good result also.

The idea is perhaps better understood in the Eastern version. The first ethical injunction of the Yamas is ahimsa. Ahimsa means harmlessness, non-violence. Do not cause harm to anything as much as possible. This would include all life and property. This is why, within the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago, the original civilization lived in forest-orchard-gardens, a park-like environment with abundant local food. They were vegetarian, living on fruits and nuts, which required no killing at all. Our medical Hippocratic Oath is based on the same principle, "Do no harm." 

Let's go with a concrete example that you may never have considered. All our food comes from Mother Earth. We should not poison our Mother. If we destroy the soil, poison the life in the soil, our food becomes toxic and less nutritious. We essentially destroy the quality and quantity of our food supply. This affects our health and the health of our children. There is currently an epidemic of childhood cancer and deformities. One of every 33 children is now born with birth defects! This is traceable to carcinogens and nutrient deficiencies. Why is there so little awareness of this catastrophe? Why no uproar? More importantly, what is the solution, the alternative? Our commercial agricultural system is heavily dependent on poisons.

Let's look at apples. Apples can be grown two ways. The first, and most widespread, is to grow them with systemic poisons. They look great because insects will not attack them due to the systemic poisons. The Environmental Working Group, ewg.org, rates commercial apples as one of the most toxic foods you can buy. The second way, is to grow them without poisons by massively increasing the life in the orchard soil. The abundant soil life, consisting of thousands of species and billions of soil-dwelling organisms, process inorganic nutrients into forms that plant roots can take up and utilize. This abundant nutrition makes the apple tree and the fruits growing on it radiantly resistant to damaging insects. Insects don't see these radiant apples as food for them. These apples also look beautiful. The difference between the two is that one is toxic and the other is nutritious and more delicious.

This example applies to all other crops as well. The new system of agriculture is called biological agriculture because it focuses on soil life, nurturing Mother Earth. It goes far beyond organic and is commercially scalable. It also costs much less. We can grow all our crops this way. It's a proven system, but it is not endorsed by the chemical companies or government agencies, at least not yet. There is so much money to be made selling poisons and chemical fertilizers, no one wants to rock the boat. Who suffers? We do, and our children do, because toxic, nutrition-deficient food is not good for us. We have a choice, we can create heaven on earth or continue to poison the earth. I suggest that we support natural, non-toxic, biological agriculture and create abundant orchards, food forests, fields, and gardens everywhere. Let's promote biological agriculture at home and in the agriculture industry (bionutrient.org) (Eastern Methods: Zero Budget Natural Farming & ZBNF). Talk to your leaders and farmers. Tell them there is an alternative to poisons. Let's turn our earth into a heavenly paradise. For a short video on what we have done to the soil and the effects on human health, watch this video: Why We're So Sick and What To Do About It.

In addition to widespread mineral deficiencies in foods grown using our present agricultural system, we also have massive losses of the highly protective, health reinforcing compounds known as polyphenols and antioxidants. Variations are as high as 200:1 compared with the highest nutrient density agriculture.

Insight THREE
Our agricultural system should mimic a forest. No one has to fertilize a forest to make trees grow. Fruit and nut trees can produce huge amounts of produce. A single pecan treen can produce 40-50 pounds of pecans every year with no maintenance. Likewise with an English walnut tree. How can such huge trees grow by themselves with no fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides? The reason a forest grows so well is because the forest floor is always covered. Soil leaf mulch keeps the soil at a comfortable temperature for soil life. Leaf mulch slowly decomposes through bacterial action. When the soil is cool, earthworms come to the surface to shred the decomposing leaves and distribute the nutrients. If soil is not kept covered, the surface temperature of bare soil can reach over 130°F, even in early spring. This is death to soil life and fertility.

The Lay of the Land
We should design our food forests and gardens to take the best advantage of the land. Strong trees for lumber should be planted at the perimeter to minimize wind damage to crops kept inside the protected enclosure. Then comes large food-bearing trees such as nut trees, next larger fruit trees, small fruit trees, grape vines and berries, annual grains such as wheat and corn, field legumes, and finally annual vegetables. Perennial vegetable and herbs come next. By grading crops from tall to small in succession, all will receive sunlight throughout the growing season from the southern sunlight. If the land is not level, the southern slope is best. If a parcel is too large, it should be divided into growing zones, of 2-3 acres. If too large, windbreaks will not work well. The design should be more like an arboretum. The north side should have the most trees and the tallest trees (norther hemisphere). 

Emphasis should be more on perennial crops to minimize work. Low ground covers should replace grass, which can quickly get out of control. It takes about one half acre to provide all the the needs of one adult. With intensive cultivation, as little as 4,000 square feet could be enough, according to Ecology Action. but we wouldn't want to limit ourselves to the minimum. Families could create a homestead on a few acres or a village could live in closer proximity and crops grown at the edge of the village. In Switzerland, small villages are surrounded by farms kept by village farmers. However, we want to organize, the important idea is that essential foods should be available to everyone. This guarantees food sufficiency in times of national emergencies.

With the right design, the concept is plant once, harvest forever. Of course, some additional effort is required in the spring for annual crops. It is amazing how much food can be produced on a small plot of land. We should all live in a beautiful arboretum, that provides for all our essential food requirements.

Insight FOUR
Resilience to Catastrophe

For many years I’ve promoted a new paradigm for Stokes County. Presentations on how we could make Stokes County the Happiest, Healthiest, and Greenest County in the nation are all documented. Download at: https://RebuildHealth.com/presentations

Lately, I’ve expanded the idea to create Heaven on Earth in Stokes County by providing what I call Insights into how it can be done practically. If we set our sights on creating something wonderful, we’re much more likely to make positive progress. Insight FOUR looks at the obstacles that could hold back this vision.

We live in an time of amazing technologies. But as we discovered recently with the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, our system is VERY fragile. Everything we require is currently delivered just-in-time to minimize the cost of large inventories. That means if the supply chain breaks, we could be without essentials such as food and fuel within days. We have no resiliency. If everything works as designed, no problem, but an unforeseen event could lead to catastrophe.

The fiascos with the Colonial Pipeline and COVID causes us realize how an increase in demand or the loss of on-time delivery could really put us in jeopardy. I began to look at other weaknesses in our system and how they could be mitigated. I found that our system has one HUGE weakness – our electrical grid.

We’ve put all our eggs into one basket.

The greatest threat to our well being, and our future, is the electrical grid. If we lose electricity, then everything fails. No electricity means no fuel, no food, no crops, no water, no medicines, no hospitals, no phones, no communications, no internet, no radio, no TV, no stores, and especially, no HVAC (no heat). We would instantly be pushed back to the stone age. The recent Texas ice storm demonstrated how a catastrophe can collapse our whole civilization.

What could bring down the grid? Obviously, a cyberattack could take it down, just like it did with the pipeline. The physical destruction of only 10 substations could take down the whole country. An atmospheric nuclear EMP, an electromagnetic pulse, would take down the grid and fry virtually all electronics. But one certainty, within a few decades, perhaps sooner, is a CME, a coronal mass ejection from the sun. A CME is a large expulsion of plasma and magnetism from the Sun's corona.

In 1859, before we had an electric grid, the sun blasted a powerful CME that directly hit Earth. It’s known as the Carrington Event. It set telegraph lines on fire. If one hit today, scientists say it would fry the grid and it could take up to 10 years just to replace transformers. Our custom built, high voltage transformers came from overseas and cannot now be replaced. There are no back ups. Imagine being without electricity for a decade. Again, just like an EMP, we would lose all facets of modern life. Within 90 days, nearly everyone in Stokes County would starve to death. We have no resiliency. Perhaps the Amish would survive.

History is replete with cataclysms. The Bible describes how the Egyptians were saved by a warning of several years of impending drought. They stored enough grain and they survived. In Switzerland, before modern travel, an early snowstorm caught a mountain village by surprise before they could get their winter stores. Everyone thought all would starve to death before spring when they could finally reach the village. In fact, they had a silo of millet. When the rescue team arrived, they found everyone survived and were healthy.

Can we become more resilient? It’s possible and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. To ignore threats to our civilization is utter folly. We simply must take all credible threats seriously. Many scientists have given us warnings.

I propose that we create an abundance of stores of grains, legumes, and other basic foodstuffs in every home, neighborhood, town, and city. People must know that they will not starve if the grid goes down. Otherwise, there will be chaos and violence. It would be hell. Roving gangs would be uncontrollable. Everyone should know that food and shelter is available so they feel secure and safe in their homes. No one has to suffer starvation.

I also suggest that we create Emergency Resilient Structures where we can take shelter, just as we once created bomb shelters in the 1960’s. For current threats, Resilient Structures don’t need to be hardened. Certainly, if the grid goes down for any length of time, our code-compliant homes will be practically useless with no water, sewer, or heat. President Kennedy once urged Americans to build shelters. Low-cost ferrocement or ECC (Engineered Cementious Composite) structures using compound curvilinear designs, are the only low-cost structures that have withstood both hurricanes and tornadoes. They exceed structural requirements and if outfitted with recreational vehicle (RV) technologies, could provide comfort and shelter in the worst of times. 500-750 square feet of shelter space should be sufficient for a family.

I propose that the Stokes County Building Department exempt such Resilient Structures from all permits and inspections, since they will not be connected to the grid or utilities. They are in a category by themselves. As an engineer with a degree in engineering physics, I have been developing such structures to house the homeless and answer the need for shelter in developing countries. I would be happy to work with the building department to suggest ideas for Resilient Structures that could be shared with all citizens of Stokes County. I estimate they could be built for $1500-2000, maybe less.

Scientific Assessment
Scientists have been warning us that we are facing future trouble. A CME as large as the Carrington Event almost hit Earth in 2012. At solar maxima the Sun produces about three CMEs every day. NASA says that Solar Cycle 25 is now underway and expected to peak with 115 sunspots in July 2025. No one can predict when or if a large CME will hit Earth until it happens. Then we have as little as 30 minutes to a maximum of 3 days to prepare for impact. The national grid is not ready. We do not have national resiliency for our electrical grid.

It’s well known that other kinds of catastrophes have happened. Asteroid impacts have been discovered and would certainly affect us worldwide. There are other classes of Earth-Solar catastrophes such as Magnetic Polar Reversals, Crustal Displacements, Micro Nova, Earth Turnovers, Earth Rotation Changes, the most severe of which happen periodically every 6000 and especially every 12,000 years. It last happened about 12,000 years ago, so we are overdue. When the solar system passes through the galactic ecliptic, our normal ionic defenses weaken. Geomagnetic solar storms can the wreak havoc much more severely. Magnetic reversals likewise cause us to lose our natural ionic protection. Watch these videos from scientific experts to understand why we need greater resilience.

Summary of Threats (must read)

A Catastrophic Blackout is Coming

White House: No Company is Safe from Ransomware

Solar and Earth Recurring Catastrophic Events
The 12,000 year cycle. Great graphic animations. 15 videos with many scientific references.
Watch at least the first 3 videos. Beautiful, clarifying animations.
Click on 12,000 Year Cycle > PLAY ALL

DHS issued a warning report in 2018 to be prepared for a grid outage.
The report said, “Long-duration, lasting several weeks to months (at least 2 months, but more likely 6 months or more) due to physical destruction to equipment, such as transformers or transmission lines; or the severity of the event resulting in limited workforce to repair damage, or inability to create or transport replacement parts.”

Religious Groups often recommend having a year of food storage on hand.
Recommended Food Storage for One Year

One Adult Portion
Grains – 400 pounds (181 kg); includes wheat, flour, rice, corn, oatmeal, and pasta
Legumes – 60 pounds (27 kg); includes dry beans, split peas, lentils, etc.
Powdered Milk – 16 pounds (7 kg)
Cooking Oil – 10 quarts (9 l)
Sugar or Honey – 60 pounds (27 kg)
Salt – 8 pounds (3.6 kg)
Water (2 weeks*) – 14 gallons (53 l)

Child Portions
3 and under – 50%
4 to 6 – 70%
7 to 10 – 90%
11 and up – 100%

Only a 2 week supply of water is mentioned, so that means you should know where water is available: Streams, lakes, rivers.
Obviously, you would need a water purifier to use surface water sources.

It would also be advisable to learn about gardening to have sustainable fruits and vegetables.