How Healing Works

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease." - Hippocrates, the Father of MedicineHippocrates, The Father of Western Medicine

Healing works because your system wants to heal more than anything else. It just needs the resources to heal and the obstacles removed. It's all about regenerative and degenerative forces. The formula is simple: Increase regenerative forces, minimize degenerative forces. These healing forces exist on 5 levels:

1) Physical, 2) Bio-Energetic, 3) Emotional, 4) Mental, and 5) Consciousness

We focus on the fundamental causes of all physical, mental, and emotional problems. We do NOT diagnose specific diseases or offer medical advice (drugs/surgery, etc.) Our goal is to change the environment of the body so that the body heals itself. We've studied and suggest MANY methods for changing your mind/body environment drawn from modalities both East and West. We take a multi-modality approach to holistic health and lifestyle coaching. Since we utilize so many modalities, we can offer a comprehensive solution. Natural healing requires no belief or faith, no special abilities or gifts. Anyone can rebuild their health and remain healthy for a lifetime.

We often concentrate on bio-energy healing since it regenerates living tissues so rapidly. Training and coaching teach you how healing works so you can work on yourself or work with family members to help each other. Education is great because you learn about fundamental causes and are therefore empowered with knowledge for self healing and healing your friends and family. Our private sessions put it into practice. We apply the latest knowledge and techniques from both modern science and the world's healing traditions.

Be Happier, Healthier, and Pain Free
Everyone wants to overcome pain, disease, and realize their inner potential. We can help. For over 52 years we've studied remarkable healing successes and distilled the knowledge that worked into a system you can use at home to advance yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If others can do it, you can, too.

Incredible Changes
In our experience, practically all alternative methods offer some help and improvement. But after years of research, we realized that some approaches produced rapid and extraordinary effects, while others were more modest in their helpfulness. As a result, we've discarded methods that offer small improvements like you get with a better vitamin, herb, or supplement. We also avoid methods that take a long time to produce significant results. What interests us most are the actions people can take now to produce massive, rapid transformation... that produce near miraculous results. The best of the best.

Healing on this scale is altogether different from medicine or common healthcare services. Medicine offers drugs and surgery in an attempt to destroy problems. It's inherently destructive, though sometimes necessary in emergencies.

Natural healing uses powerful, but little known methods to strengthen and regenerate mind and body. This approach improves all systems of the body, taking them to higher levels. This natural healing approach is intrinsically constructive, regenerative, and preventative.

How Do These Methods Work?
There's an incredible wisdom built into your body at the cellular level. It's activated by increasing the life force energies within you. Ultimately, these powerful life forces are responsible for all healing. Even with ordinary medicine, doctors rely on natural healing forces to complete the job. But here's the thing. These life forces can be amplified, multiplied. When boosted to extremely high levels, we believe that they are capable of completely restoring mind and body. Every condition responds positively to massive increases in life force energies.

Boost Your Health
We use a unique collection of techniques, methods, and resources derived from years of investigation, to boost healing forces in a multifaceted program. It's not just for physical diseases or problems. In every way, you'll find that you are renewed, enriched, and healed. Soothe a broken heart, re-invigorate your mind, create satisfying relationships, find inner peace and happiness. These methods are detailed on our various web pages, which are in themselves an education and view into the world of natural healing. Our book, "Extraordinary Healthcare," covers most of our methods in detail.

We Can Help You
Journey with us. We can guide you back to wholeness. Let us help you find extraordinary health and regain the freedom to be the magnificent being you are truly meant to be.

Incredible Healing
Do you truly want to be free of pain and disease, free of chronic and debilitating illness? Are you concerned when you see friends and family succumb to degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other devastating diseases? If so, understand this.

There's an extraordinary group of people who know more about health and well being than all the doctors and hospitals in the world. They are the "incurables" who were given up for dead and sent home to die. Yet somehow — through good fortune, deep investigation, or trial and error, they discovered powerful methods of natural healing and took charge of their own recovery. Usually, these methods came from ancient traditions or new science that hasn't yet made it into the medical curriculum. They applied their newfound knowledge and transformed their terminal, sometimes horrendously painful conditions into robust health.

For decades, it's been our good fortune to study these incredible successes from around the world and distill their healing methods. We deeply wanted to understand these phenomenal methods of healing that could empower the body to rapidly and reliably transform virtually any disease into robust health. Our criteria was that they had to be extraordinary and proven. These methods apply the natural laws of health, they utilize the body's innate healing intelligence. We discovered a treasure trove of life-saving, pain-saving knowledge, and we offer it to you and your family via personal consultations and presentations.

Right now we offer:
1) Online or Telephone Coaching & Consultations
Sometimes you need someone to talk to who has been through the healing methods that we describe. If you need personal help in understanding and utilizing these healing methods, or if you want to learn more, you can make an appointment. Appointments include:

1) Training in Life-Force Energy Healing and other healing modalities.
2) Assistance in developing a healing plan, based on our experience of healing virtually every condition.
3) Coaching to keep you on track, answer questions, and help you through the changes. 

(Note: We do not offer medical advice, medical diagnostics, or medical treatments. Remember, this is about healing, not about medicine. They are worlds apart.)

2) Online Real-Time Workshops for Specific Concerns
For specific conditions, we offer online real-time workshops where you can get training and ask questions in a live environment. See the schdule of workshops in the calendar.

3) Workshops
We're planning online workshops to present the methods that chronically ill and terminally ill patients used to heal themselves of degenerative diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, and many others. The methods include dense life-force nutrition, energy healing, meditation, cleansing therapies, meridian balancing, and many others. These workshops are primarily for practitioners, but anyone can take them. Although these workshops have been created. We're still developing the technologies that will allow us to present them online via video, ebooks, graphics, and text in a comprehensive learning environment. Call us if you need help with an immediate concern: 336-644-1111, 10am-5pm Eastern Time.

We believe this remarkable knowledge can free you from disease, years of pain, and a fortune in potential medical expenses by empowering your body to heal itself.

Heal at Home
From your computer, you can learn everything you need to know about natural healing. To learn about how specific conditions have been healed, select from the Healing Menu near the top of any page (right side). For an appointment, click the Appointments link (top menu).