Kyphosis & Lordosis

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Healing Kyphosis, Lordosis, and Scoliosis -- The Power of Life-Force Energy to Heal Spinal Curvature
Abnormal curvature of the spine and spinal misalignment can be understood as an energetic imbalance which causes the muscles to pull the body out of shape in various ways. Essentially, it's just deeply embedded trauma or stress which is wrenching the body out of shape. It's given different names according to the kind of curvature. Scoliosis is a lateral imbalance, kyphosis is an excessive arch to the upper spine, lordosis is an excessive inward curve to the lower spine. They often occur together in varying degrees.

Abnormal curvature of the spine can be understood as an energetic imbalance which pulls the body out of shape in various ways. Essentially, it's just deeply embedded trauma or stress which is wrenching the body out of shape.

Below are studies in healing kyphosis and lordosis using a purely energetic approach, which focuses life-force energy into the area that needs help. You can learn to heal these conditions in the same way bio-energy healing helps other conditions.

Kyphosis & Lordosis
Here is a look at healing kyphosis and lordosis. Notice the lower back in the first two photos on top, one photo was taken sitting upright and the other bending forward. Up close, it looked almost like the lower back was scooped out with a narrow ice cream scoop. The recess was more than an inch deep! The two photos underneath, after a 3-hour healing session, show about a 50-60% healing of the problem.

Before & After Photos (top & bottom)
Healing Kyphosis & Lordosis 

With continued work at home from a partner or friend, this kind of healing would continue. It's just a matter of enough bio-energy to release the trauma which causes this kind of deformation.

Scoliosis with Spinal Protrusion
This next case of scoliosis shows perhaps a 50% improvement. The woman moved to take a job in another part of the country and we have not been able to follow up with her. She has an unusual curvature that seems to straighten out as she bends forward, but then the vertebrae of the spine surface abnormally. The after-photos, immediately underneath, show how much of the problem has been corrected. She came for 4 1-hour sessions.

Before & After Photos (top & bottom)

Healing Severe Scoliosis

Often one of the immediate benefits of this work is that pain usually disappears after the first session or two. As healing progresses, the curvature in the spine continues to gradually change as the underlying trauma or stress is released. The more regenerative forces that can be brought to bear, the faster the healing. Good diet, meditation, mild yoga, stretching and other positive reinforcements can help tremdously. But never do anything that is stress inducing. When the body has a preponderance of degenerative forces, it doesn't have the resources to complete the healing, even with an energy boost.

Hope for Healing Spinal Deformities
We are continuing to work to find ways to heal spinal abnormalities quicker. We are convinced that part of the problem is due to heavy metal poisoning, particularly mercury poisoning. As detoxification regimens, life-force energy, and regenerative nutritional recommendations are followed, the body has greater ability to heal itself and the spine returns to its normal position and curvature. If the body is capable of making the shift, it will, some cases respond more quickly than others just because of the level of trauma and differences in the balance of regenerative and degenerative forces. Most cases take several sessions, sometimes many sessions.

The Wonder of Healing
What's remarkable is that healing of this magnitude can be accomplished at all. The medical alternative is surgery to embed steel rods along the spine in an attempt to prevent curvature from progressing. It's both dangerous and expensive, costing as much as $50,000 to embed the rods and another $30,000 to remove them later in life. Plus the horrendous stress of the operation just adds to the trauma. That approach is a poor substitute. In fact, it often fails to help at all. Here, we can see dramatic reversals with only a few hours of life-force energy healing.