Liver and Kidney Disease

Curing Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, and other Degenerative Diseases

pH Scale of Food Effects on the BodyDegenerative diseases like liver and kidney disease have common factors. The #1 cause is an acidic pH of the interstitial fluids in the body, the fluids between cells and within cells. Here's an easy way to understand it. When degenerative forces gain the upper hand, nature says "It's time to recycle". Think of a weak tree that's fallen in the forest. It loses its life force, becomes acidic, which then signals nature to send a multitude of decomposers to recycle the log into soil -- to promote another life. Every kind of pathogen is called into service. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, and multicellular critters like worms and flukes decompose the log until there's nothing left.

Liver FlukeA degenerating liver can have hundreds of liver flukes an inch long vying for dominance. A ghastly thought no doubt, but this is reality. A degenerating body is fair game for nature's recyclers. If you don't want to be recycled just yet, then you have to replace degenerating forces with regenerating forces. It's not difficult, but most people have no idea how to go about it.

You can try to fight off pathogens with drugs (which is what the medical system tries to do), but it's a losing battle. That's because the degraded environment supports pathogens. They flourish under those conditions. The only REAL solution is to change the environment. Here's how people who have reversed degenerative diseases have gone about it.

  • Change the pH of the body. The saliva pH of people with degenerative diseases can often be below 5.5 -- a total disaster and an open invitation to pathogen recyclers. The pH needs to be raised above 7.3 or even higher to reverse the decomposing, degenerating processes. This same reality is true in your garden. If you've ever tried to grow a garden in acidic soil you've seen how plants come up spindly, if at all. Just like your cells, they can't get nutrition when the pH is wrong. They die easily and are prone to all diseases.
  • Increase metabolic enzymes through dietary change. Enzymes are required for every chemical reaction in the body. Older adults often have 30 times fewer enzymes than a child or youth. Without those enzymes and the correct pH, the body is incapable of making replacement parts. Only a drastic change of the body's inner environment can reverse degeneration and foster regeneration.
  • Destroy as many pathogens as possible -- to give the body a fighting chance (without destroying the immune system). The medical system tries Virusto destroy cancers (a fungus by some definitions) with harsh chemicals (chemotherapy). But in the process, they also destroy the immune system and good cells as well. There are much gentler approaches using herbs, essential oils, oxygenation, colloidal silver, electrical resonance, light, sound, etc. to prevent the reproduction of pathogens rather than outright destruction of adult forms. It takes a bit longer, but doesn't destroy the immune system. But without changing the environment, these approaches can't succeed either. Environmental change is the prime necessity.
  • Eliminate congestion. If you create cesspools in your body, you know what's going to grow there. Yuck! Septic conditions are caused by congestion, stagnant conditions. The lymph system is designed to keep the body clear of toxic conditions, but most people have an overloaded, under-functioning lymph system. The lymph system is about 5 times bigger than your circulatory system with all its veins and arteries. But it doesn't have a pump. The lymph system uses one-way valves and differential pressure from movement, to "squish" along the lymph fluid. In the liver, the fluid is cleaned and reintroduced back into the blood as plasma. Movement is life. Life is movement. Pressure and release -- differential pressure from exercise is the key. Bouncing on a mini trampoline or rebounder is the most effective way to cleanse the lymph system, but all movement helps. Lymphatic massage can help. Rehydration adds much needed water to dissolve and dilute toxins.
  • Pathogens generally like low oxygen, anaerobic conditions. So any improvements in oxygen intake will be useful. Pranayama, breathing exercises from the yoga tradition, can be extremely effective, and free.
  • Infusing life-force energy, or bio energy into the body can bring life back to the body to accelerate healing. Life-force energy is collectible and transmissible, but not easily storable. It is an energy which flows. It goes by many names: prana, ki, chi, mana, and dozens more names. Every traditional or ancient culture is aware of this energy. And all energy healers use it for direct healing. Modern science is just beginning to explore it and, as yet, measuring it is difficult. But it is easy to learn to use this energy for healing yourself or others.