Natural Healthcare for COVID-19

Natural Healthcare for COVID-19

Suppose a natural substance was discovered that would cure all infectious diseases. Suppose it only cost a nickel. What do you think would happen to it?

1) It would immediately be made available to everyone. We would no longer need doctors, nurses, and hospitals to handle the spread of infectious diseases. Everyone would celebrate.

2) It would be hidden away and never see the light of day. The powers that be would never allow it. They would continue making money from human suffering, especially contagious infectious diseases.

3) If it were legal and readily available, it would be attacked and condemned as fake to prevent anyone from looking into it. You might be told it will irreversibly turn you as green as Kermit the frog and you would be ostracized for life.

Which is it? What do you think would happen? Are you an optimist and believe that everyone would receive this gift? Or do you believe that commercial and financial interests would suppress the discovery completely. Negative news would be generated to prevent people from pursuing it and force them, at great expense, into the existing system of medicine for profit?

This is where we are today. Proven therapies such as the combination of hexachloroquine, Ivermectin, and zinc supplementation have been banned in favor of outrageously expensive therapies. We are not yet living in a world where truth and right action can succeed without intense opposition. The system appears to be totally controlled. Our safe choices are taken away in favor of expensive, doubtful, and ineffective treatments. For example, we are told that there is no cure for viruses. Anyone who claims the opposite is a charlatan.

Natural Alternatives
What would be even better than existing drugs? Natural alternatives that cost little or nothing and that are readily available. Do such things exist? According to research I've done over the past 50 years the answer is yes. Unfortunately, in the United States no one is allowed to claim a cure for anything, it's against the law, even for doctors. So I will not claim anything, I will just report my own experiences and the experiences of medical doctors and researchers and what THEY say is true. Take it or leave it, no claims.

Many doctors and researchers say that virtually all diseases start with inflammation and disease worsens as inflammation increases. So an anti-inflammatory would reduce inflammation and would at least slow the spread of any disease condition throughout the body. Is there a natural anti-inflammatory? Yes, according to reports, there is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory formula that is said to be more powerful than any available medical drug. Taken once or twice a day for a week or two, it is said to dramatically reduce inflammation. You can make it with a few simple kitchen spices that are available to you right now. Here's the formula:

Anti-virals and Antibacterials
So we have a start, but we still have some invasive infectious agents spreading in our system, some bacteria or viruses. Is there a natural anti-viral, antibiotic? Yes, according to reports, you can make it in your kitchen. It’s called ionized colloidal silver. You can buy 10 ppm ionized silver colloid in natural food stores (but they can’t tell you about it or what it can do, except to say it can be used externally for skin infections). It’s against the law to say more in our free country. Here’s the method to make it yourself for $1/gallon:

How do researchers say to use it? They say to take a sip of colloidal silver (roughly two teaspoons) and keep it under the tongue for a few minutes, before swallowing. Do this 3-4 times a day for a few days or weeks. The recommended maximum is 4-6 oz daily, but no unsafe limit has been discovered, more is just not needed). Take a sip or use non-metallic utensils only (ionic colloidal silver is electrically charged). Use a plastic teaspoon (twice) or a tablespoon if you want a to measure. It's also light sensitive; keep it in a dark bottle. You can take it periodically for immune strengthening. You can also use an atomizer or nebulizer to breathe it in, for lung or sinus infections. Even use a perfume-bottle atomizer or pump spray atomizer to spray it into your throat as you breathe in. You can put drops in your eyes for eye infections. You can disinfect water or any surfaces. It has no negative effect on human cells. If you want the best lung delivery system, a vibrating-mesh nebulizer can be purchased online for under $25. Push the button On as you breathe in, Off to exhale. Experts have researched it and say it works all these ways.

If you do research on colloidal silver you will find lots of disinformation that says it will turn your skin blue. Colloidal silver at 10 ppm cannot do that unless, perhaps, you were to drink many gallons per day (impossible to do). Silver nitrate can turn your skin blue if you take enough, but colloidal silver at 10 ppm is NOT silver nitrate. A very few people who drank massive quantities of very high ppm silver colloid had their skin turn slightly bluish, but it was easily reversed using selenium supplements combined with vitamin E (according to those who did it themselves). They not only saved their life from infectious disease, they returned their skin to normal. I myself have used it extensively and regularly for 25 years, my skin never turned blue in any degree whatsoever. There is no need for more than 10 ppm. It's the particle size that matters and it should be less than .015 microns or 15 nm.

One gallon is equal to 128 ounces. According to experts 1/10 that amount, 12.8 ounces, should be enough to cure any case of Covid-19. Research shows that it kills 90% of SARS or Corona viruses in one hour and 99.99% in 24 hours. If this is all true, we could have cured every COVID-19 case for about 10¢ per person. We will never know because no free approach to infectious disease will ever be tested in clinical trials. There is no money to be made, and controlled trials are very expensive.

Essential Oils
There are essential oils that are antiviral and antibiotic. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are two such essential oils. During the dark ages, traveling gypsies used a combination of essential oils that came to be known as Thieves’ Oil. They would douse a handkerchief or bandanna with some oil, put it over their nose and mouth and enter the homes of wealthy people who had died from the plague. They would steal the jewelry off of their dead bodies, but they would never get the plague. I have put these oils on a handkerchief and breathed them into my own lungs with no ill effects. Such oils can be put into an air-driven atomizer or a piezoelectric room atomizer. Just breathe in the vapor. According to reports, these are other ways to destroy viruses inside your lungs. For more information on natural healthcare, read my book “Extraordinary Healthcare."

Our food today is lacking in minerals and polyphenols (the protective nutrients that give us a strong immune system). It would be very helpful to take a mineral-vitamin supplement. Most people are even deficient in the macro minerals like magnesium and calcium. Those minerals require a separate MgCa supplement (the amounts needed won't fit in a general mineral-vitamin supplement). For more information on food, agriculture, and nutrition, see my post...

Why We're So Sick and What to Do About It

So there you have it. Many ways that researchers and experts in the natural healthcare field have found to eliminate viral and bacterial infections. Now, you have to decide if it is worth 10¢ for you to try these things for yourself.