The Pandemic is Over

The Pandemic is Over

What is going on? Is flawed testing driving up false statistics? There are NO flu statistics anymore. Just COVID-19 statistics. In previous years, the flu statistics paralleled the currrent COVID-19 statistics. CDC statistics show that deaths during this so-called pandemic are NOT HIGHER than in previous years, leading to the obvious conclusion that the COVID-19 virus is comparable to previous flu statistics. Here are the statistics

CDC Statistics 2019-2020
Influenza-Related from October 1, 2019 to March 14, 2020:

MEDICAL VISITS: 22,000,000
DEATHS: 43,000 (including 100 children)

Another telling report is that anyone who dies WITH COVID-19 is marked as a death FROM COVID-19 even if they had multiple pre-existing deadly diseases. This is clear lying with statistics. The CDC says that the actual deaths due to COVID-19 itself are only 6% of the number reported. Take whatever the news claims and multiply it by 6% and you will get the true number, which is comparable to previous flu seasons.

It is reported from the CDC that more than 99.5% of all cases of COVID-19 are not lethal and virtually all deaths are for aged people with multiple pre-existing conditions. What most people don't realize is that tens of thousands of people have been dying from the flu every year. This event is very similar to a typical strong flu season.

According to the Chief Science Officer at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the COVID-19 Pandemic is over.

He also said the COVID tests give mostly false positives.
The PCR test uses amplification cycles. If you crank up the number of cycles beyond 30-35 then most people will test positive due to traces of viruses even though they are clearly not contagious. There is obvious fraud here. The developer of the PCR test says that the test is not valid for diagnostics! What more needs to be said?

(Therefore the death statistics attributed to COVID are also false.)

There may be other references, but this is one that I came across… just search: VP of Phizer Pandemic is over, you will get many references. 

Here’s more information on WHY the pandemic is over. Flawed testing has led us astray.

The CDC is saying the pandemic is over in a different way.

CDC Statistics Recently Released
With this release, they’re also essentially saying the pandemic is over.

Fatality & Survivability Rate by Age Group
CDC COVID-19 Deaths / Survival Rates (Sept. 2020)

Chances of Dying
1 out of 34,000 for ages 0 to 19;
1 out of 5,000 for ages 20 to 49;
1 out of 200 for ages 50 to 69; and
1 out of 20 for ages 70 and up.

Phrased another way…
Chances of surviving are as follows:

Age Group                                         Probability of Survival
0-19:                                                   99.997%
20-49:                                                 99.98%
50-69:                                                 99.5%
70+:                                                    94.6%

Many people die every year because they are old and at the end of their life with many pre-existing conditions. Even for them, their death is not CAUSED by the virus, the virus is just the straw that “broke the camel’s back.” The camel didn’t die because of the straw, but because of the excessive load. The load of pre-existing conditions is the cause of the so-called "200,000 covid deaths.” 

Lying with Statistics
There is a HUGE difference between dying FROM COVID and dying WITH COVID.
The way the statistics are counted anyone dying who has some measurable COVID is considered a COVID DEATH.
Even if the measurement is actually a FALSE POSITIVE! Even if they have 10 other pre-existing conditions!
The “200,000” deaths claimed in the USA are fake statistics, a fabrication.

World Health Organization Official Admits...
Covid Fatality Rate is 0.13% – Same as the Flu

Dr. Mike Ryan, Health Emergencies Programme Director, estimates that 750 million people have been infected worldwide, the majority of which are asymptomatic (10% of the world population). One million deaths worldwide puts the Infection Fatality Rate at 0.13% – exactly the same as the seasonal flu. Since COVID deaths in many cases are claimed for people WITH COVID-19, instead of FROM COVID-19, the actual COVID Fatality Rate may be even less. Again, we see that the "pandemic" was exaggerated. Most deaths came from elderly people at their end of life with pre-existing conditions. The few younger people who died, probably had weak immune systems and/or zinc difficiencies. Zinc is known to improve survival.

At a 10% world infection rate, we are close to herd immunity, which is generally accepted as 15%. Again, the pandemic is essentially over.

A multi-nation class action lawsuit is being prepared to hold accountable those who perpetrated the exaggerated response that has shut down the whole world economy and caused untold deaths from suicides and financial collapse of millions of businesses and families. Learn about the lawsuit at

There was never a need for vaccines or other dramatic drug research.
We have known how to get rid of viruses for centuries. Silver has been used at least since ancient Egyptian times. Colloidal silver is a natural broad spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial that is totally safe. Colloidal Silver can be made at home for about $1/gallon. So for about 10¢ we could have cured every case of COVID-19. At $1/gallon, that's 1/10th gallon, 12.8 ounces, more than enough. Here's the research. Used for 2-3 minutes a 3 times a day should be sufficient. A nebulizer holds only a fraction of an ounce. Colloidal silver was the antibiotic of choice by medical doctors since the 1930's. See my post on how to make your own. It can also be purchase at many natural food stores. I have used it for myself extensively for over 25 years for all viral or bacterial infections and for prevention.

According to Herbert Slavin, M.D., founder and director of the Institute of Advanced Medicine, Lauderhill, Florida:

“…A study at the University of Arizona recently showed ionic silver to be effective against the coronavirus that researchers use as the surrogate for SARS.”

SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The coronavirus behind SARS produces the same kind of potentially deadly respiratory syndrome as caused by the new Chinese coronavirus. According to a Business Wire article about the study:

“The study tested various ionic silver and copper levels to determine if they were effective against the human coronavirus strain 229E, a strain commonly used as a surrogate for the SARS virus in laboratory research.

The research demonstrated significant reductions of the virus within 1 hour (90 percent) and reduced virus levels to below the detection limit following 24 hours of exposure (99.99 percent).”

It can be used with a nebulizer and breathed into the lungs. Inexpensive nebulizers on eBay go for under $25. I have used them myself and breathed colloidal silver at 10ppm into my own lungs with no negative effects. This is a simple solution to all viral bronchial problems. We could have eliminated this whole pandemic and still can.

It's easy to take care of yourself and your family. Arm yourself with knowledge and the fear will disappear.