Presentations to the County Commissioners

For over 5 years, I presented solutions to the many problems and concerns of the County from the perpective of natural healthcare. As a natural healthcare consultant and author of the book, "Extraordinary Healthcare," I've seen how better nutrition and reduced stress substantially improves our quality of life. This helps everyone to stay healthy physically and mentally, and also improves behavior and emotional stability, leading to improved relationships and better family life.

The overall thrust of the presentations is to Make Stokes County the Happiest, Healthiest, Greenest County in the nation. Green means not only environmental quality, but economic abundance as well. Being a rural county, we can create abundance from our land through high value, non-toxic agriculture and healthy food production. The presentations can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Solutions Include:

  • Reversing Birth Defects and Increasing the Intelligence of Children, Potentially to Genius Level
  • Reversing Disastrous Behavioral Problems in Schools and Creating a Productive Learning Environment
  • How Resolve the Problems of Depression, Violence, Drug Use, Crime, Suicides, and Disease 
  • How Poor Neurochemistry is the Underlying Cause of Most Social Problems
  • How Our Current Biochemistry and Neurochemistry Are the Product of Unhealthy Habits and Nutritional Deficiencies
  • How Mental and Emotional Health are Linked to Physical Health
  • How Criminal Behavior, Birth Defects, and Massive Increases in Degenerative Diseases Have a Common Cause and a Common Solution
  • How Local, Green, Non-Toxic Technologies Can Lead to Tremendous Economic Abundance by Reducing The Expenditures That Leave the County and State
  • How Toxic Agricultural Chemicals Are Causing Cancer and Other Diseases
  • How Crime, Violence, Domestic Violence, Degenerative Diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes), Obesity, Birth Defects, Suicides, and Learning Disabilities Have the Same Primary Causes: Diet and Toxic Chemicals
  • How Fiber Reinforced Composites and New Energy Technologies Can Dramatically Reduce the Cost of Housing 
  • How We Could Create Business Incubators to Explore Green Technologies to Create More Jobs, “Green Jobs” That Would Help People and Help the Environment 
  • How We Have Created a Perfect Storm for the Deterioration of Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health
  • How Blue Zones Create the Longest Living, Healthiest Cultures in the World. How the Principles of Blue Zones Have Reduced Healthcare Claims by 49%.
  • How We Could Create Solar Greenhouses at Every School to Provide Fresh Foods During the Winter. New Designs Require Zero Energy for Heating. 
  • How the Dramatic Rise in Junk Food Consumption Caused Massive Obesity, Addiction, and Disease 
  • How Recidivism in Prisons Was Reduced from 95% to Under 2%, Can We Empty the Jails?
  • The Science of Diet, Neurochemistry, and Behavior, Known as Orthomolecular Psychiatry – How Nutrient Levels have Huge Impacts on Behavior
  • A Summary of Low-Cost, No-Cost Healthcare Methodologies
  • An Examination of Destructive Food Purchases and Habits
  • Psycho-Acoustic Medicine, How Brainwave Entrainment Improves Brain Functions and Reduces Addiction
  • Local Economics, How the Mondragon System of Economics Can Revive Counties and Towns
  • Problem Analysis: Solving the Right Problem - How Do We Care for Ourselves and Our Families?
  • How Global Corporations Control Our Lives and Our Death Through Toxic, Junk Products
  • Practical Solutions to the Opioid Epidemic
  • Why Addicts Don’t Seek Help, and What to Do About It
  • Preventing Drug Addiction by Creating a Cultural Renaissance
  • Community Information Networks to Create a Cultural and Economic Renaissance
  • Make Stokes County a Destination for Recreation, Health, and Happiness
  • Solving Healthcare Emergencies - Opioids and Pandemics
  • Action Plan for the County for All Departments
  • Introduction to Natural Healthcare, Healthy Bodies, Minds, and Hearts
  • Reversing Alzheimer’s, Overcoming Pain, Bioenergy Healthcare, Overcoming Stress, Upgrading the Quality of Life
  • Brix, the Key to Better Health - Complete Chart Included
  • Proof of How Deficiencies Cause Distorted Body Chemistry and Structure
  • Resilience When Times Are Uncertain, New Developments in Agronomy Can Provide Food Security
  • Natural Healthcare for Infectious and Degenerative Diseases

The County recognized my contributions through this Resolution:

 Stokes County Resolution

These presentations are available here: Presentations