Respiratory Disease

Cure for Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma are diseases of congestion. Essentially, the body becomes clogged with phlegm, mucous, and other wastes which it cannot get rid of. These wastes accumulate in the lungs because the body can't get rid of the wastes due to cellular congestion.Lungs Graphic

The system which is supposed to drain and cleanse the body is the lymph system. The lymph system is HUGE, about 5 times larger than the whole circulatory system with all your arteries and veins. Massive — but it doesn't have a pump. It relies on physical movement and one-way valves.

With every physical movement, waste products from cellular metabolism are gathered by the lymph system and squished along an intricate system of one-way valves. Compression and release causes one-way movement through the lymph system, ultimately to the liver where the lymph fluid is purified and put back into the blood as plasma to carry nutients once again. The kidneys also try to purify the wastes and eliminate it from the body.

Lymph ValvesWhen the interstitial fluids become congested, due to lack of movement and dehydration, this natural cleansing process is thwarted. Fluids back up. The body tries to release what it can through the lungs.

Often there are viruses and bacteria which invade the lungs when conditions are right (acidic pH) and this adds to the problem.

According to those who have healed themselves of respiratory diseases, the solution is to substantially improve lymphatic cleansing. Bouncing on a mini trampoline (rebounder), provides tremendous differential pressure (compression and release) and cleanses the whole body down to the cellular level.

To eliminate viruses and bacteria, the body pH needs to be restored to its normal alkaline state. People have also used certain essential oils (or colloidal silver) inhaled directly into the lungs to eliminate such pathogens.