Cure for Stroke and Other Nervous System Diseases (Alzheimer’s)

It's much better to prevent a stroke than to try to reverse the damage. Strokes are caused by either blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain which prevents nutrients and oxygen from reaching brain cells. In both causes, blood vessels are in bad shape to begin with. Poor quality blood vessels have the same causes as bad tissues generally — bad nutrition and dehydration.

Brain Cells

It's known that brain cells and nervous system tissues can be regenerated. The effects of stroke can be reversed, but it takes time and dedication to a highly regenerative lifestyle. Here's how it's been done by those who have done it.

  • Change the pH of the body from acidic to alkaline. pH 7.36 is ideal. Virtually all degenerative diseases have this common cause. An acidic pH makes transport of nutrients difficult to impossible. All tissues suffer starvation in the midst of plenty when the interstitial pH is acidic.
  • Hydrate the body. High blood pressure causes ruptures when the pressure is too high and the vessels are weak. It's often due to dehydration which thickens the blood. Blockage is also caused by thickening of the blood and poor blood quality. Rehydration is essential for health. See the page on heart disease. The same principles apply here.
  • Supply adequate micro nutrients. The body requires certain micro nutrients. We don't need much of them, but if we don't have them, things go haywire. Rare earth minerals are an example. With inadequate building blocks, blood vessels don't have the strength they should have and also become congested. Stroke should be considered a disease of wrong nutrition, malnutrition, and congestion.
  • Bio-Energy healing. Bio-Energy can often bring about miracles. Life-Force energy is the stuff that created the body to begin with. In sufficient amounts and targeted at the proper location, it can bring about regeneration faster than almost any other modality. You can learn bio-energy healing from us and then use it as much as you want for free.
  • Adequate oxygen levels. Persistent low oxygen levels keep the body in a state of stress. Most people do not breathe adequately. Watch a baby breathe and then watch an adult breathe. Most adults are upper chest breathers and rarely get oxygen into the lower lungs.
  • Enzyme deficiencies. Adults often have 30 times fewer metabolic enzymes in their body as compared to a youth. These enzymes are required for every chemical reaction in the body. Without them, the body declines. Stroke is just one example of this decline. The solution is the supply these required enzymes through our food choices.
  • Reduce stress. Meditation is essential for stress reduction. There are literally hundreds of techniques. It's best to start with a series of pranayamas (breathing techniques) and then a deeper meditation technique. We know of MANY meditation methods that will help. People respond to different types of meditations, so it's good to have lots of methods in your toolbox.