Workshop Registration
We currently offer the Extraordinary Healthcare™ Workshop. Generally, public workshops are offered periodically. In-house workshops for staff or employees are available. Please call for arrangements. The next public two-day workshop TBA.

Schedule a workshop at your business. Call 336-644-1111/
Seminar Fee: $295 early registration, $325 late registration (week of)
For more information, visit:

What You Will Learn to Benefit Yourself, Friends, and Family:

Physical Benefits —

  • How Major Life-Threatening Diseases Have Been Healed Naturally
      (Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease)
  • Learn the 7 Major Causes of all Disease & How to Prevent Them
  • How to Quickly Eliminate Pain
  • How to Lose Weight Easily, Without Punishing Exercise
  • How to Rapidly Eliminate Headaches, Even Migraines
  • How to Structurally Align the Body
  • How to Increase Your Flexibility
  • How to Increase Energy Reserves
  • How to Create Low-Cost Antibiotics (Fend Off Flu, Viruses, & Bacterial Infections)
  • How to Prevent and Eliminate Flus, Colds, and Other Common Infections
  • How to Avoid Catastrophic Illness (Illness is NOT a random occurence)
  • How Chronic Degenerative Disease Has Been Reversed
  • How to Slow, Even Reverse the Aging Process

Emotional Benefits —

  • How to Drastically Reduce Stress Levels
  • How to Heal Past Emotional Traumas
  • How to Overcome Anger, Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Drug Dependency
  • How to Nurture and Maintain Healthy, Lifelong, Uplifting Relationships

Mental Benefits —

  • How to Self Diagnose Your State of Health Through Intuition and Body Maps
  • How to Strengthen Clarity and Focus of Mind, Increase Intelligence, IQ
  • How to Improve Memory, Problem Solving, and Mental Stability
  • How to Overcome Recurring, Destructive Mental Patterns

You can register at the above link or here (see below).
You and your friends can register for workshops in three ways:

1) Online:
Fill out a form, then click the register button.

2) Email:
Send an email that includes the workshop you want to attend along with your name, address, phone, and zip code.
Email us at

3) Phone:
You can register by phone (336-644-1111). If we're available, we'll take the information directly. If it's after hours or we're away, simply leave a message with the registration info and we'll return the call to confirm. Also, see payment options below.

Payment Options and Considerations
Payment Methods:
For Check or Money Order:

Make Payable To: "Sarvasri"
Mail to: Sarvasri
1060 Tyler Rd.
Walnut Cove, NC 27052

Credit Card Payment 
We take credit cards only on the web using the icon below.
(It's a secure encrypted payment through PayPal, a division of EBay, and just about any type of credit card will work). If you have a PayPal account (user name and password) it only takes about 15 seconds. If not, you might want to open a PayPal account to use with vendors who accept it. It's not necessary to open a PayPal account to use your credit card. Enter the applicable workshop fee or the amount due, if you've given us a deposit. PayPal accepts many different credit cards and can also do direct transfers from your bank account. Lots of flexibility.

How to Pay Online
1. Click on the icon below
2. Enter the amount due
3. If you already have a PayPal account, just log in. The process is quick because the system knows you.
4. If you DON'T have a PayPal account, click on blue text "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" 
5. When entering information, leave out middle name or initials. Use just first and last name.
6. When entering credit card numbers, don't use spaces, just the numbers.

If you have trouble paying online, please email us and we will take care of you. We want to make sure you are able to attend the workshop. Occasionally, some browsers can have trouble with online forms.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for In-Person Workshop Events:
1) Cancellation more than 10 business days before the first day of the workshop -- Full refund minus a $25 processing fee.
2) Cancellation within 5-10 business days -- 50% refund, minus a $25 processing fee.
3) Cancellation within 4 business days or a no-show will not be refunded.

Cancellation fees will be waived if you find someone to fill the cancelled space (even the $25 processing fee will not be charged if they use your payment and simply pay you back directly). No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.