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Why We're So Sick and What to Do About It

Underlying Causes
First we need to understand Why We're So Sick, then we can learn What We Can Do About It.

The fundamental reason why so many Americans are sick and dying is due to immune weakness. We can’t create a healthy population by trying to kill off pathogens (we’ve tried that). We can only do it by strengthening the immune system. There are many ways to do that. 



How to Make Kombucha the Easy Way 

Annual Soft Drink Production

For several years I've made presentations to our County commissioners regarding ways to improve our quality of life and the quality of health in our County. One of the interesting things I discovered was that the quality of our food supply is substantially compromised. This loss of nutritional quality is responsible for a lot of suffering. It not only affects our physical health, but our mental and emotional health as well.

There are two main factors: 1) processed foods (and junk foods) and 2) the poor quality of our agricultural soils and products grown on them. Processed foods are substantially devitalized. In this post I just want to address one simple thing that we can do in every neighborhood to reduce one of the most serious and egregious processed food. It’s one “food” that’s responsible for a substantial portion of our collective food budget — soft drinks. Even back in 2004, we produced over 500 cans of soda per person, per year. More than a can a day. Most of these drinks are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, a well-known health disaster. Some experts say it’s the primary cause of diabetes. (see red column chart)


Preventing Drug Abuse by Creating a Cultural Renaissance

How Iceland Prevents Drug Abuse in School Children



The Guide

How to Be Happy, Healthy, and Overcome Addictions Naturally

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Colloidal Silver, a Natural DIY Antibiotic, Antiviral

Use Colloidal Silver to Give Yourself a Second Immune System
A hundred years ago, silver was a part of our diet. It was one of the trace minerals in all our foods. Today, our soils have been destroyed by poisonous chemicals and our crops no longer take up enough trace minerals. Commercial non-organic agriculture destroys the soil organisms that prepare mineral nutrition for plant roots. Now, it takes 26 apples to equal the iron content of just one apple from 1950! Trace minerals, like iron, iodine, cobalt, selenium, and silver are an essential part of our diet. We don’t need much, but like iodine, if we don’t have these trace minerals, it’s a major problem. A lack of silver is a major problem because it was one of the trace minerals that gave us a second immune system.

Community Vision

Create a Vision for Where You Live

I live in Stokes County, NC. I want it to be the best place on Earth to live. But right now we have the highest suicide rate in North Carolina. We have a weak economy. We have a crime problem. We have a drug problem. There are people who don’t have healthy food to eat. Some go hungry. We have high unemployment – like most counties today. In short, my county is like most others in America. How can we turn this around? How can we help change the bleak statistics where we live? I have an idea.Dome Cottage

It begins with vision. A few months ago I presented a proposal to our county commissioners to make Stokes County the Happiest, Healthiest, “Greenest” county in the nation. I believe we are meant to be happy. Our forefathers enshrined the pursuit of happiness as a basic goal of this nation, but how do we achieve it? I believe we start with a vision of what we want, just like our nation’s founders did.

Amazing Anti-Inflammatory Formula from Kitchen Spices


Inflammation usually manifests as pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function. Inflammation is the precursor to most degenerative diseases. In fact, every condition that ends with the suffix "itis" is a condition of inflammation. Inflammation can appear in any part of the body — every organ, every tissue, and all the various systems of the body: the nervous system, circulatory system, lymph system, etc.

Ultimate Green Smoothie Recipe

Why Green Smoothies?

If you haven't heard of green smoothies before, now is the time to get acquainted. They are an amazing elixir for health. This is because fresh raw foods contain living enzymes. These enzymes, plus the life energy in living foods, create tremendous rejuvenation. This is especially true for green foods, which are full of magnesium-rich chlorophyll. Most of us don't eat enough greens. As a result, we're often deficient in magnesium, which leads to all kinds of complications. So what's the best way to get your greens? Green smoothies!

Meditation to End Violence and Create Peace


Put an End to Violence —Girl Meditating - Seated Cross-Legged

Create an Uplifting, Vibrant Peace for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community

Most people have heard about meditation and how good it is for relieving stress. Often people wonder, “Where does meditation come from?” “What kinds of meditation are there?” “Can I learn it from a book?”

In this article, I’m going to answer these questions and suggest simple meditation techniques that could have a profound benefit for your well-being and the well-being of your community.

Saving Our Communities

  Police Then and Now

Every Caring Person Wants to Help

When we watch the news, we all wonder where we are headed. We see increasing problems, violence, crime, pain, and suffering. TV programs are rarely positive, mostly dominated by the darker aspects of humanity. Is there a way out of this decline in human values? We believe there is. 


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