Healing Stories, Healing Experiences

... from the introduction of my book "Extraordinary Healthcare"

An 82 year old woman suffered from multiple conditions: Hypertension (180/140), diabetes (requiring insulin injections), heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, nephritis, gallbladder inflammation, bronchitis and cataracts. She was on many medications. Several times a day she took at least 17 pills. She began a simple regimen of self-administered natural healthcare which consisted of percussive acupressure, on GV-14 and a few other locations for 30 minutes each, twice a day. Basically, an hour and a half of self therapy, twice a day. Being an invalid, she didn’t have much else to do.

She also did a stretching exercise, starting with 5 minutes, gradually increasing to 30. In one month, symptoms of hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, nephritis, cholecystitis, and bronchitis gradually disappeared. She was able to stop related medications, except for anti-hypertensive drugs and insulin. Soon, her blood pressure returned to normal, and she was able to discontinue the drugs for hypertension she had been taking for 20 years.

She was still taking insulin injections, 16 units twice a day. As her diabetes responded to her healthcare regimen, she reduced to 12, then 10, then seven units. Finally, she was able to discontinue insulin altogether.

Her eyesight was poor, she had cataracts, vitreous opacity, muscae volitantes (floaters), a very dark view from one eye, and blurry vision in the other. She began a technique of percussive acupressure for her eyes. Within a month, she had clear, bright eyes and normal vision. Her cataracts disappeared. She is now healthy, has stopped all medications and no longer suffers from any of her previous conditions, (or side effects from her medications).

She can go up and down stairs carrying a heavy load with no symptoms of arthritis. In her advanced age, she was humpbacked, with flabby facial skin, many wrinkles and age spots. Her body is now straight, she has firm facial skin, significantly fewer wrinkles, and her color spots are almost gone. Her skin is much smoother. She can lift both arms overhead and bend to touch her hands to the floor. She now looks a dozen years younger, without any signs or symptoms of an old woman over 80 years old. All this transformation happened within one year.

 A man comes to my office having received a diagnosis of prostate cancer. His PSA is over 120. He is a prominent man in the community, one of the county commissioners. He wants to try a natural healthcare approach since his prognosis is not good. I describe to him a simple regimen of two alternative therapies that people have used in the past. He decides to try it. Within a few weeks, he returns to the office with stories to tell. As he tried his self-administered natural healthcare, he continued to visit his doctor. Each time he visited his doctor, his doctor would grill him and ask him what he was doing. But he would never tell. He didn’t want anyone to know what he was doing because of his prominent position in the community.

Finally, after a few visits, his doctor was insistent to know more, and asked the patient if he would join him for dinner, after all, he was also a friend. When he attended the dinner, his doctor friend again brought up the question of what he had been doing. Still he would not tell. Finally the doctor became even more insistent and demanded to know. The patient finally ask, “Why are you so insistent about what I’ve been doing?” The doctor said he had never seen this before, the PSA dropped from 120 to 0.1 and according to his training, this was impossible. He wanted to know what was responsible for it, how he was able to get rid of the prostate cancer so rapidly and so completely. Still the patient would not tell. He had healed his cancer and that was enough. He wanted to put that part of his life behind him and didn’t want to make waves because of his prominent position.

 A medical doctor, a woman, finds that there is a lump growing in the center of her chest. It’s growing extremely rapidly. Within the short timespan of a few weeks this small lump will turn into a tumor the size of a grapefruit. It’s cancer, of course. Being a medical doctor, she consults with an oncologist, to see what can be done. The tumor is rapidly growing larger. When the oncologist does his assessment, the only recommendation he gives is that she should immediately make out her will. The cancer has already spread throughout her chest cavity and there is no hope. He recommends the usual chemotherapy which he says could perhaps extend her life for a while. Being a doctor herself, she knows the medical odds with conventional intervention. She recognizes that indeed there is no hope through the established medical protocols and methods. The woman doctor decides against all medical intervention, with the exception of surgery to slice off the external tumor. She then adopts a radical high enzyme, high life-force, natural, vegetarian diet. Within a few months of her self-administered natural healthcare, she is completely cancer free and returns to her normal life.

 I’m teaching a seminar on bio-energy healing, and everything is going well. On the second day, one of the participants doesn’t show up. I ask her roommate about her and she says that her friend won’t be able to make the workshop today because she has a terrible migraine headache. She says that when she gets a headache like this, she is usually bedridden for at least two days. She can hardly see, she’s in tremendous pain, she can’t really walk, she’s in a really bad way. I told her that this is a healing workshop and that she should go upstairs and lead her friend down here for me to help her. She does.

When she comes into the room, she’s in a really bad way – in tremendous pain and completely dysfunctional. I place my hands on her head and began streaming energy into her from her forehead to the back of her skull. Within eight minutes she is completely out of pain. Within 13 minutes she is completely normal. She attends the second day of the workshop and everybody is happy. She could not believe that her migraine headache could be completely eliminated in less than 15 minutes. It was a real awakening for her. Her headaches in the past had often lingered for two weeks or more.

I’m working in my yard, in my front garden. I hear a noise and look up. One of the neighborhood kids has fallen on his bicycle and hurt himself. He’s crying. I run over to see him and find that he is in pain from some pretty intense scrapes and bruises from falling on the asphalt. Immediately, I grab his hand which is bleeding slightly and in substantial pain. I begin streaming life-force, bio-energy into his hand. Within about a minute his hand is pain-free. Next, I move to his knee and stream healing energy into his knee. Again, within a minute or so his knee is also pain-free. He is smiling. The next step is to clean the injuries and apply some bandages. He is without pain and goes to rest at home. After a few days, I see him again playing in the neighborhood. He comes over to show me how his wounds have healed so well that he can return to his bicycle riding.

 Several patients are having heart trouble. Upon medical examination it’s discovered that their arteries are 80 to 90% occluded and that they are going to need either triple or quadruple bypass surgery. They cannot afford such expensive healthcare. They began a self-administered natural healthcare program using two simple therapies – drinking slightly mineralized water in sufficient quantities combined with gentle, daily walks. Within 3 to 6 months their arteries are completely free of obstructions, they no longer need surgery and they return to a normal life.

 My wife and I are driving back from Atlanta to North Carolina, traveling through a rural part of the country. Just in front of us there is an accident. A family has totaled their car. The husband and son are able to get out, but the wife is trapped behind the wheel.  She cannot get out and she is going into shock. She is a very large woman with multiple medical problems, including diabetes. I climb in the driver’s side. The woman is still conscious enough to talk. I tell her that I am a healer and I’m going to do some energy healing for her. I began streaming life-force, bio-energy into her. Within a short time, normal color returns to her face. She is not going unconscious and avoids going into shock. I continue to stream bio-energy into her -- into her head, into her heart, and anywhere else she has pain.

EMS, emergency medical services, arrives on the scene. They assess the situation and realize that she cannot be freed from the vehicle through any ordinary means. They asked me what I am doing, and I tell them that I am a healer and that I’m doing bio-energy healing on her. To my surprise, they tell me to keep doing what I’m doing, because there is nothing they can do for her until the Jaws of Life, a powerful pneumatic demolition tool, arrives on the scene. They are going to have to cut her out of the car and use the Jaws of Life to break her free. I continue to stream energy into her until the equipment arrives. By this time her transformation from the bio-energy is substantial. She is laughing and carrying on as if nothing has happened, as if she has not just totaled her car and been pinned behind the wheel... trapped. She is out of shock and her spirits are high, she is calm. The EMS people are taking her medical history, and she is totally clear and conscious as she gives them the exact details of her extensive medical problems.

 The Jaws of Life show up and they proceed to cut and pry her out of the car. As they do so, I leave the vehicle to avoid the potential of flying glass, but I continue to stream energy from a distance and the woman sails through the experience of being extricated from the car. They put her on a gurney and take her to the hospital for examination.

There is no doubt in my mind that had we not arrived on the scene and kept her from going into shock, the outcome could have been totally different -- especially with her medical history, perhaps deadly.

A woman calls me about her shoulder. She’s been told that she needs to have a shoulder replacement because there is hardly anything left. She is in quite a bit of pain, her shoulder muscles have atrophied, and mobility is limited. We schedule a couple of bio-energy healing sessions. After the second session she is out of pain. A few weeks go by and she decides to attend one of my seminars on bio-energy healing. On the last day of the class, she demonstrates the extraordinary level of healing which has taken place since I first worked with her. She has been completely out of pain, her shoulder mobility is completely restored, and she no longer needs a shoulder replacement operation.

 A woman shows up with severe psychological problems. She has been seeing a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist had prescribed Xanax, a psychotropic drug. The psychiatrist kept increasing the dosage because she was continuing to have psychotic episodes. She had reached the maximum dosage, but she was still having psychosis, hallucinations, and could not function well in society. She was unable to hold a job. 

The woman tells the psychiatrist that the drug is not working and that she would like to get off drugs altogether if possible, that she needs some other help. The psychiatrist then has her sign an affidavit that he is no longer responsible for her and he abandons her. She leaves his office. She had reached the limit of what  psychiatric drugs could do for her. She arrives at my door.

She had taken it upon herself to stop taking the drugs altogether. I am aware that this is a dangerous thing to do, to stop taking such drugs cold turkey, but she had already done it, and now she is here in front of me, coming loose at the seams. When she enters my office she is in a terrible state. She starts screaming that Hitler is trying to kill her. She is having an intense psychotic episode, as if her life is being threatened this moment. She is having a horrible hallucination. It’s impossible to reason with a person during a psychotic episode. I give her some simple straightforward instructions that she can do. Within five minutes she begins to return to normal. I began working on her with various acupressure methods. Within 30 to 40 minutes, she is stable and somewhat functional.

She has nowhere to go and no money for medical help. She asked me to help her so I continue to educate her regarding natural approaches to mental health. She learns and applies the principles of natural mental healthcare. Within a few weeks she has improved substantially. Within a few months she is able to function in society, hold a job, and live a normal life. She is completely drug-free and continues to develop into a balanced human being.

There are hundreds and thousands of such stories...
Whatever condition you may be facing, natural healthcare can play a major part in the solution.

Workshop and Seminar Exeriences

Below are experiences from previous workshops and various other healing experiences.*

"It's easy to be skeptical of a program that promotes such powerful and quick results in ANYTHING not to mention a technique of light touch. But it works. Definitely this is just something you will have to experience to believe, I highly recommend taking this class." – Elizabeth Mason

"I loved it! Simply amazing!!! I am a Reiki master and massage therapist and this blows every other bodywork/energywork class that I've ever had away! My sister is a nurse practitioner child adolescent psychiatrist and I can't wait to turn her on to this class. Thank you sooooo much!!!" – Bethany Cole

"I had a pretty nasty car wreck resulting in physical, emotional, and mental trauma. The healing session allowed mobility and flexibility in my hand that was "permanently" damaged according to the doctors and surgeons. I no longer carry the fear and tension of others riding in a car with me. Now I feel that anyone that rides in my car with me is in a safe place. Thank you!" – Brienne Purta, Raleigh, NC

"During the course of the weekend, I received healing for several painful areas. The most important was for my arthritic knees. Prior to the workshop, I managed stairs with great difficulty. Now I can climb stairs without pain!" – Shari Lewis, Raleigh, NC

"Positive Impressions of the workshop? The actual visual evidence of changes, the simplicity of learning the various techniques, the clear instructions by Sarvasri and Sadaajit*, who addressed each and every issue... and their patience. And most of all, the wonderful feeling of seeing people smile when their problems have been resolved, or at least lifted. Thank you so much.

I know deep down one of my life purposes is to heal and help people. This is the most wonderful starting point I could have ever dreamed. You are doing an amazing thing. " – Arianne Uebel

"I was impressed by the golden-white energy that surrounded our instructors and then spread to us by the end of the workshop. The environment was sacred and safe for our learning and healing experience. I love your energy and compassion for teaching and healing. You are powerful." – Kim Kolb, Physical Therapist

"Both Sarvasri & Sadaajit are such wonderful compassionate people and have such a beautiful way of expressing themselves and teaching the course. It was an unforgettable experience for me.

What you did for me was so miraculous that I am absolutely astounded. Oooh, it just gives me goosebumps when I think about it. I've had this pain for such a long time I just can't get over what you did for me. This course took all my pain away both physically and emotionally." – Patricia Teston

"Extremely well presented, a nice balance of verbal instruction and hands-on practice. A wonderful experience in which my self doubts about my ability to help people heal were blown away the first day by seeing bones shift (as advertised!) under my fingers. A true privilege to be with such a wonderful group of people and fine instructors. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Finally, I can help hurting people like I want to. I am grateful. Thank you. Lots of fun, too." – Kieran Fenlow

"This is an almost magical way to help others, people and animals, to heal. If we could have only one person per family as a healer, this world would see far less illness and much more tolerance. Amazing healings took place all throughout the workshop. Great workshop!" – Karen Smith

"I enjoyed the atmosphere that was created in the workshop. I learned a lot and had all of my questions answered in a very understandable manner. The abilities I was able to master are incredible. Thanks for your kindness and help. I found you two totally fascinating. I would love to do what you do, spreading love and knowledge." – Kim Williams

"It was everything that I thought it would be and more. This type of healing and treatment is so needed at this time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to practice and share this understanding with others. The workshop was great! Very organized, and the presentation was most professional. The environment was safe, nurturing, and productive." – Betsy Phillips

"Instructors are a great team! Wonderful light-hearted energy, very inspiring, attentive during healing sessions, helpful with clear answers to questions, and willing to provide assistance and direct healing when requested.

They are a marvelous example of this work. Sarvasri's extensive experience with many healing techniques underscores the superlative nature of this method. I so appreciate all the examples that were provided." – CB

"Sarvasri and Sadaajit are gifted teachers and healers. They present the information clearly, encourage questions, and guide you along the way. This is my 2nd course with them. I learned a lot the first time, but even more this time." – Judy Ziboukh

"Being right-brained, I am by nature analytical and skeptical. I find that this comes in handy in most aspects of my life (especially being a hypnotherapist). I came to this workshop for, not only my practice, but mainly for my wife who has several advanced types of arthritis. I knew I was on to something special early in the workshop when I felt my fingers tingle. But, when I got home after day one (repeat day ONE) I worked on my wife's back enough for her to get some rest. Not only did she sleep a full night, but drove back to Richmond pain-free. I talked to her at our day 2 lunch break and she said she has not felt this good in TEN years. Thank you Sarvasri, Sadaajit, et al. This is life changing for me.

I plan to add this not only as an adjunct to my service, but more importantly spread the news of this fantastic modality. Again, Thank you." – Mike Levy, CHT

"I have longed for a method to elevate the traditional healing arts — and found it... It's practical with rapidly demonstrable results, and its simplicity is profound. I very much enjoyed this, and plan to use it. Would like to thank you for advancing this healing art and making it available to us." – BB, M.D.

"This energy method is very exciting — the healing power it provides is a real gift to the world. The workshop itself was organized very well; the layering of techniques was clear and well thought out and presented, and the practice sessions built on each other to help engrain the methods in the participants." – Scott Simmons

"You are empowered with the ability to heal yourself instead of depending always on others. The overall energy of the whole group was phenomenal. The workshop was perfect in every way. The instructors were superb and answered every question posed to them." – Flora Davidson

"It was extremely exciting! I never knew energy work was so exciting, but this takes it to a phenomenal level, with astounding results. The work is easy to do and I plan to teach my 13 year old daughter about this. You have a great working and classroom style, very relaxing. The workshop was great and I thought the exercises were enlightening and fun." – Barbara Mangol

"Incredible workshop!! Excellent, careful leadership from the instructors. This course is good for what ails you — and then some! Great tools for life! The instruction was great. The hands-on was incredible." – Tommy

"I was able to tap into the energy in my body and eventually feel it as well. It is still hard to believe how natural it is but experiencing is believing! I am very excited about the possibilities!" – Lori Lee

"The instructors were very supportive during the process. I was not sure I was processing things well. I experienced a profound emotional release and bone changes. I experienced profound vibration sensations while performing healing... I cannot wait to share my experiences with others!" – Bette Edgerton

"I was very pleased with the presentation. You were clear. It felt like a one to one contact. You were SO encouraging and inspiring. Thank you both!!" – Joy Woods

"To learn that anyone, including me, could do this wonderful work... The method is as simple as Sarvasri said and my improvement the second day was a revelation. I am overwhelmed with the energizing effect, in just two days, this process has had on my physical and mental outlook." – Chuck Cunningham

"The technique taught in this course is a foundation for a new world. I'm stoked!! I'm so impressed with the simplicity of the system and the power of it." – Janine Lex

"The ease of how the healing progressed. Within the first hour the energy flowed easily and results phenomenal. As a massage therapist I know I will be adding this to my practice. What a wonderful experience on all levels." – Maggie Jahn

"I felt it to be very impressive, and structurally I feel great! I had some major maladjustments in my hips, I knew when I arrived — and they were all alleviated the first day and stayed in the second day! I never got this kind of adjustment without a chiropractor! Thank you both for the information and the times." – Katherine Sanford

"Excellent improvements all over my body. My hips, occipital ridge, neck and left thigh all had pain disappear. Sadaajit and Sarvasri are genuinely loving and soft spoken, and extremely well versed and knowledgeable... Thanks." – Julie Cary

"Wonderful experience today and yesterday. I feel like I have learned a new way to heal myself and my family. We are too concerned with medication for our healing... a great alternative — and free. It works!

I was a big skeptic before this started. I wanted to see for myself.... I saw visible results with bone movement and felt an energy coming from my hands. The workshop went rather well. I was a happy camper." – Mike Carey

"A rib-vertebrae that has shifted out for over a decade was shifted within the first morning of the two day workshop, and has remained in. The information was thorough and the basics appropriately repeated as we practiced..." – Lorelei Gallagher

"I have searched continually for something non-invasive, that allows the body to heal itself based on it's needs. Most modalities have been so specific with so many steps, with uncomfortable positions for both the practitioner and client. This is so powerful and so comfortable." – Libby Ensminger

"I have always thought that healing never had to be so complicated... You guys are great. Thank you so much for your patience." – Anna St. Claire

"I had a migraine headache on the second day of the seminar. During the practice session... it went away completely. AWESOME! This is just the kind of thing I've been looking for to ramp up the energy to help people." – Nancy Morrison

"Believe the unbelievable! Wonderful, caring, no-bull instructors whose patience was repeated over and over. The expectations I had were far exceeded. Sarvasri and Sadaajit were absolutely wonderful teachers..." – Marla Mayerson

"We really enjoyed hearing the wealth of experiences that Sarvasri and Sadaajit had to share with the class that illustrate that there are no limitations to this work. I especially appreciated all the tips about doing healing work for my passion/vocation as well as my income. My life's purpose is to become a very good healer. This workshop is the biggest step in fulfilling my destiny. I look forward to growing in my ability as I grow in experience." – Martin Mohr

"The presentation was very good. Our instructors were very tuned in to the group. I liked the practicing we did and the healing we did for each other. I learned new abilities that are repeatable. I left behind back pain that I have had for many years." – David Mahen

"IT WORKS! A very comfortable environment -- personally healing. Sarvasri and Sadaajit both bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and teach in a very caring manner. Thanks for the wonderful experience." – Brian Kilian

"The workshop was awesome! My lower back and shoulder was healed... This will change my life and people that I come into contact with. Ya'll are Great!" – Donna Scales

"It worked for everyone here! Everyone could do it..." – Lori Carter

* Note: In these quotes we've inserted our spiritual and now legal names, Sarvasri and Sadaajit. Sadaajit is developing her own "lifestyles" program to put into practical home use, including beautification, cooking, non-toxic home products, and other approaches to making an environemnt that is beautiful and healthful.