Cures for Cancer

In this country, no one is allowed to claim cures for anything, much less cancer. Even doctors can't claim that vitamin C will cure scurvy, although it is well known. What we can talk about are the claims people make about how they cured themselves of cancer. We can talk about their theories and why they believe in the cures they promote. Thousands of people claim to have cured themselves of cancer. Many claim that, not only is it possible, it's easy.

Large cancerous tumor

This cancerous tumor nearly killed Dr. Lorraine Day, MD. Her medical associates told her there was no possible way she could survive. She would soon be dead. The only thing for her to do was to make out her will. The cancer had invaded her whole chest region and was growing extremely rapidly. Because she was a doctor, she knew that if she took the recommended medical treatment, she would be dead within weeks.

Instead, she chose a radical high enzymatic diet plus awareness techniques that helped her body eliminate the cancer naturally. Although the outer portion was removed surgically, the extensive inner tumor could not be surgically removed. She applied natural regenerative principles and healed herself completely. She is now a strong advocate of nutritional healing which she couples with her spiritual philosophy. She has taken a lot of flak from the medical community for advocating natural healing over chemotherapy.

In general, those who have healed themselves of cancer make these claims:

  • Cancer survives when the pH of the body is acidic, if the pH is brought back to its normal alkaline state, cancer disappears. Babies are born with a pH of 7.36 which is alkaline. Raising the pH of the body makes the environment unsuitable for cancer to survive.
  • Cancer likes anaerobic conditions, a low oxygen environment. If oxygen levels are raised through any number of methods, cancer disappears.
  • Cancer likes depressed emotional states. Many people have heard stories of changing the body's environment through laughter, watching funny movies, etc. The endocrine system responds to emotions. A light, happy emotional state appears to reverse diseases in many people.
  • Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, and yeasts are considered causative agents for many cancers. Dr. Tullio Simoncini claims that cancer IS a fungus. He is said to have thousands of case histories reversing all forms of cancer with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), often injected into the tumor. He has been chastised by the medical community and not allowed to present his findings at medical symposia.
  • Many claim that cancer has been healed through bio-energy healing. Bio-energy goes by many names in different countries. Prana in India, Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Mana in Hawaii. All ancient cultures are aware of the power of energy healing. It is almost completely avoided by western medicine.
  • Many claim that cancer is caused by carcinogenic chemicals. It is well known that many household cleaning products contain known cancer causing agents and many personal care products contain suspected carcinogenic compounds. The cure, they claim, is to detox the body of these destructive chemicals.

Unfortunately, the cancer industry does not research these kinds of cures because there is no financial incentive to the cancer industry, a multi-billion dollar industry. Cancer institutions always claim there are no scientific peer-reviewed studies to prove these kinds of cures are effective. Of course there isn't! Who is going to fund such studies? There is no profit in them.

You have to ask yourself, "If there were a pill that could cure all diseases, and it only costs a nickel, what would happen to it?" Do you believe it would be given to everyone and all the hospitals and doctors would close their doors and everyone would go home to enjoy movies with their family?

We are well aware of all these methods of healing cancer and more. We can't give medical advice, but we can take an educational role and explain how those who claimed to have healed themselves went about it. You are your own responsibility. If you choose to use any method on your own, it has to be your own choice. No one can take responsibility for you except yourself. Even doctors and hospitals won't claim you'll even leave the hospital alive and they make you sign papers to that effect.