Saving Our Communities

  Police Then and Now

Every Caring Person Wants to Help

When we watch the news, we all wonder where we are headed. We see increasing problems, violence, crime, pain, and suffering. TV programs are rarely positive, mostly dominated by the darker aspects of humanity. Is there a way out of this decline in human values? We believe there is. 

Where Are We Going?

What do we want as a society? It seems we are moving ever further away from a peaceful era into a more militarized era, an era of polarization. Certain elements of society benefit from fear, violence, and chaos — particularly the military-industrial complex and the banking industry. Chaos and destruction is highly profitable. But this is taking us in a direction we don't want to go. We don't want to militarize our communities with armed guards on every street corner. Yet we do want peace and order. 

The Loss of Peace, Order, and Culture

How do we prevent the loss of peace, order, and culture? A peaceful, ordered society can never be created through authoritarian force. No “new world order” is going to help. Heavy-handed approaches have been tried throughout history. It's incredibly expensive. It doesn't create the kind of peace we want. It only creates a rigid, frozen, immobilization that arises from fear — a lifeless, depressing “peace,” not a living vibrant culture of healthy, happy, peaceful people. Examples from history include Alexander the Great (great killer and destroyer of human life), the Roman empire, Stalin, Hitler, corrupted, intolerant, fanatical religions, all the militarized police states that have ever existed. They all tried to create empires based upon authoritarian control, rigid rules, and conformity. All these societies ended in ruin. They spent fortunes on enforcement. They went bankrupt. They created polarized opposition.They utterly failed to create peaceful, creative, productive societies. They only created resentment, fear, anger, violence, starvation, destruction, and pestilence. We see this happening worldwide today in the Middle East with the polarization of authoritarian forces towards the people under their authority. As police forces use increasingly harsher measures, society arms itself with more guns. This is not going to work. It never has.

The Rise of the Drug Culture

Today we see a widespread indulgence in drugs. When people are unhappy, they look for quick fixes. Whether prescription drugs or illegal drugs, people want to cover up the pain they feel. They want to create a good feeling inside, free of pain, depression, and anxiety. We are now living in a drug addicted society. 70% of Americans are on prescription drugs. In some age groups, 20-30% take SSRI antidepressants. Roughly 10% of the population uses illegal drugs. The problem is, drugs don't heal our pain or our emotional wounds. In an effort to stop the spread of illegal drugs, governments resort to force and incarceration… harsh authority. This doesn't heal the underlying causes of drug use, it only introduces more pain.

Saving Our Communities - How to Restore Peace, Order, and Culture

If we want to create a higher culture, where people are happy, inspired, creative, and productive, we have to introduce new methods to heal the present suffering. This is the reason for the introduction of the book "Extraordinary Healthcare." It’s not like we haven’t been told to “love our neighbors as ourselves,” it’s that we don’t actually FEEL love within ourselves. The reason we don’t feel love and compassion is that we don’t have the actual methods to make those sentiments possible. We’re all carrying too much pain and stress inside. The very first thing we all need is the knowledge of how to heal ourselves within — physically, mentally, and emotionally. As you’ll see, this knowledge is available. It arises from advances in nutrition, physical culture (such as yoga), mental and emotional healing via universal meditation techniques, methods from the natural sciences, yoga psychology, and allied sciences. Extraordinary Healthcare is a textbook, or manual, on how to reclaim our inner well being and counteract physical, mental, and emotional degeneration. It offers the methods to create a happy, healthy, mentally and emotionally balanced society.

Where to Start?

We cannot start by banning guns. Studies show it doesn’t work. It only empowers criminals who know that everyone else is defenseless. The problem is not guns (or knives or baseball bats). The problem is mental and emotional illness. Mental illness is not solved by putting people in cages. The USA has the highest number of people in prison, and the highest percentage of the population imprisoned, than any other country in the world. It’s not working. Crime is a mental-emotional disease. It is not healed by incarceration. Putting people in cages only creates more hardened criminals; it just feeds the disease. The only solution is to heal the deep pain of mental and emotional suffering. This is both possible and inexpensive. The knowledge is available. 

The methods of basic self-care and self-healing — physically, mentally, and emotionally should be taught to everyone. Our society is only as strong as its weakest link. One bad apple spoils the whole barrel. A single crazy person can disrupt the whole society. Look at how a few terrorists can damage the quality of life for everyone. So our first goal should be to rehabilitate those who are causing the most trouble, who CAUSE the most pain, who are IN the most pain, by creating new programs of rehabilitation in our prisons. The Golden Rule is a good measure of what should be done with those wasting away in prisons. If we were in their place, what would we want done for us? We would want the methods to heal the pain we feel.

The collection of methods presented in the book can be used to heal the deep pain in society. Everyone needs to know how to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. We all want to create fulfilling lives, truly worth living. We can only do that if we have the knowledge of how to do it. ACLS has developed rehabilitation programs for the prisons using methods that are proven to work. These same methods can be used by ordinary people to heal themselves and restore greater physical, mental, and emotional balance. These methods can save our communities. The knowledge is in the book.


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The Book: Extraordinary Healthcare, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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Talks to your church or community group. Rehabilitation programs for county, state, and federal prisons. ACLS offers talks to your church, community group, news organization, either in-person, or via Skype. Rehabilitation programs for prisons are available, including training both staff and inmates.

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